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2023 Club Member Leaderboard proudly brought to you by

Rider must be a current financial ‘riding member’ of YDA to be eligible for awards.
Points are awarded from the date of riding membership.
Riders must compete at a minimum of 50% of YDA competitions held throughout the year.
Points are awarded for horse and rider combinations.
Points will be awarded as follows;
1st – 6 Points, 2nd – 5 points, 3rd – 4 points, 4th – 3 points, 5th – 2 points. Points will only be awarded for scores over 58%
1 point awarded for participation, any score and place. Must complete test not scratch or eliminated.

Awards will be given for the following levels;

Preparatory Horse of the Year
· Preliminary Horse of the Year
· Novice Horse of the Year
· Elementary Horse of the Year
· Medium Horse of the Year
· Advanced Horse of the Year
· FEI Horse of the Year
· Pony of the Year
· Junior Rider of the Year (Under 13)
· Young Rider of the Year (13 and Under 21)

Horse of the Year - awards points will only be awarded for placings in all classes for their respective levels.  For example, Preliminary Horse of the Year will gain points from Official Competitive, Closed Restricted and Closed Unrestricted at Preliminary level.  Young Rider Classes are excluded as they have their own category. 

Pony of the Year - Ponies will be included in the respective levels rather than be separated, for example a pony competing in novice will be in the Novice horse of the year and has a chance of winning overall.  The best pony at each level will be recognised but there will still be one overall pony of the year.  If that pony has points in multiple levels they will be combined, and the pony with the highest points over all levels will be the pony of the year.

Junior and Young Riders will only receive points in the Young Rider classes
Junior – until the end of the year in which they turn 13
Young Rider – beginning of the year they turn 14 up until the end of the year they turn 21


Prizes will be awarded for the winners and runners up in each category at the presentation night in February 2024.  In the event of a tie for the winner or runner up both horses/riders will be awarded that placing.  Committee reserves the right to add, remove or change awards depending on numbers.  Points will be awarded at all YDA dressage events held at Bendick Murrell throughout 2023.

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