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Meet The Committee


Megan Bryant

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President & Event Co-ordinator

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Kylie Reeves

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Vice President


Jenny Bryant

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Vice President & Treasurer


Julie Vandyke

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Secretary & Public Officer

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Amba McGoldrick

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Sponsorship & Communications



Stasi Grovenor

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Judges Co-ordinator


Amy McKenzie

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Stable/Yard Co-ordinator

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Sally Walker

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Volunteers Co-ordinator

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Emily Bowker

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Catering Co-ordinator

Glenn & Jackie.jpg

Glenn Gault & Jackie New

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Grounds Maintenance

Jo Gilshenan.jpg

Jo Gilsehnan

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Ribbons Co-ordinator


Shaye Grovenor

Judge's Gifts Co-ordinator

COMMITTEE: Jo Gilshenan (Ribbons); Amy McKenzie (Stabling); Kylie Reeves (Grants);
Shaye Grovenor-Peters (Judges Gifts); Jackie New; Glenn Gault, Cassandra
Easther; Shirley Sim; Emily Bowker; Sally Walker, Nastasia (Stasi)
Grovenor; Amba McGoldrick and the Executive Office Bearers.

Life Members

Sally Papworth, Libby Callaghan, Graeme Callaghan, Doug Beer, Julie Vandyke, Lorraine Kwong, Les Piesley, 
Kim Lang, Gillian Fraser, Nita McAuley, Karen Skimmings, Sue Walker, Jenny Bryant, Bryson Causer 


Ian Bryant, Leona Steen, Barrie Lang, Barry Matthews, Maureen Simpfendorfer

Win Beer

Young Dressage Association recently commissioned a memorial for Life Member Win Beer, who passed away in 2017.

Win was a tireless worker, participant, and supporter of Young Dressage over many years. As well as being a judge, she was a committee member for many years and spent many days and hours helping with working bees at the grounds as well as organising pencillers for our competitions.

The club commissioned a beautiful handmade wooden bench seat, made by Terry Howe of Harden to which a brass plaque has now been attached. The seat has been much admired and will be in use at all our competitions. It is sure to be enjoyed by all who attend as we all remember Win and her contribution to Young Dressage and her enjoyment of our club and our sport over many years.

Pictured with the memorial seat are Win's husband, Doug Beer - who has also contributed so much work to our club and grounds - and Vice President Jenny Bryant.

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