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2022 Volunteer of the Year - Evie Louttit

Evie Louttit.jpg
Pictured: (L - R) Megan Bryant (President), Evie Louttit

The volunteer of the year this year first came to Young Dressage Association in 2020 to begin her volunteer journey and she hasn’t missed an event since. She started out a shy girl assisting with little tasks and has blossomed into a young lady who can now run the event office herself if required. And the volunteer of the year is Evie Louttit. Evie at just 15yo can now confidently give writing tutorials, can problem solve issues for our judges, prints our results and has become invaluable on competition days at YDA. Evie never says no, from ordering lunches to holding runaway stable companions and never asks for thanks. Evie doesn't currently ride at YDA and gives her time with no personal reward and that is the true definition of a volunteer. Although we she plans to start competing here later in the year but how will we manage without her in the office every second. Evie we thank you and couldn't think of a more worthy recipient for YDA 2022 Volunteer of the Year.

Previous Winners:
2018 - Barry Mathews

2019 - Leona Steen

2020-21 - Clinton Hedger

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