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2020 Competition Dates

May 30, 2020

May Virtual Training Challenge

How to enter the Virtual Training Challenge (Online Dressage)
1. Read the schedule and choose tests you will ride, enter here: (EC: 31st May)
2. Make sure you have a correctly measured out 60x20 arena with arena letters.
3. Film from directly behind C stand a few meters back to get whole horse in view
4. If filming with a smartphone make sure it is landscape orientation
5. Some zooming is required when rider is up A end of arena, but do not over zoom so whole horse cannot be seen. Try to have as clear and steady video as possible.
6. Sound must be turned on.
7. Upload your video to YouTube, marking as an unlisted video (instead of public so only people who have the link can view)
8. YouTube video title should include Rider name, Horse name, Class (ie Prelim 1A) and YDA Virtual Training Challenge & month
9. Enter your tests on nominate and attach the YouTube video link in the class questions section.
10. Await your test paper

Jun 06, 2020

June Virtual Training Challenge

Jul 04, 2020

July Competition

Aug 01, 2020

August Competition

Sep 10, 2020

Donges Supa IGA Championships

Postponed to 11th-13th September 2020


Nov 07, 2020

Official Competition

Schedule available closer to competition date

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