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Narelle Kurtzer

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Tell us about your horse/s

I have a beautiful registered heritage ASH mare, ASAR Escort (nickname Ellie).  She is sired by Star Pavarotti out of Riverview Flirty and was bred by ASAR Stock Horse Stud.  I’ve owned Ellie for almost 2 years.  She has just turned 7 and is 15.3hh.  She is a chestnut.  I hate chestnuts and I hate mares but this mare has totally been a game changer for me and I love her so much.  She always tries her heart out for me and is also very forgiving.  Ellie was bred for polocrosse and played a bit when she was 4.  She remembers the game well!  I do a bit of everything with her from dressage, hack, jumping, ASH events, team penning.  She is very handy at anything I ask her to do.  A true allrounder! I have recently bought a 3 year old heritage ASH gelding, Silverthorn St Louie, and I’m looking forward to doing all sorts on him, including dressage.

Tell us about yourself

I am a new member to YDA, having been to a training day and 1 official comp.  I also compete in ASH events.  Prior to owning Ellie I had appaloosas and dabbled in western events such as Western Pleasure.  My parents hated horses so I didn’t have a horse of my own until I was older.  Pretty much a self taught rider.  I used to beg people for rides on their horses.  I had a break of well over 10 years where I worked, got married and had children.  Then having 2 daughters I eased my way back into horses.  

Why do you enjoy horses / riding / dressage?I find being with my horses a great stress relief.   In general I find horses and animals in general are so good for the heart.  They never judge you and love you unconditionally!!! I love all of the riding I do but I have really enjoyed the dressage comps.  I love how structured they are.  There is no waiting around for hours wondering when you will be on.  You have your draw and you can be organised and know what time you need to be ready and warming up.  It’s great!

Who inspires you in the equestrian world and why?

I find that I am inspired by so many people that I meet (not always a famous rider!).  It can sometimes just be their passion or they way I see them treat their horses.  I have been inspired by Stacey Westfall and the bond I’ve seen her have with her horses.  To ride bareback and bridleless like she does is amazing!  I’m also inspired by people like Sue Walker who I think is just the most lovely lady.  She never judges you or makes you feel like you are a waste of her time.  She can work with anyone and I like the way she trains and rides her horses.  She has always made me and my daughters feel like we are worthy of her time.  

What do you enjoy doing when you're not with your horse/s?

When I’m not with my horses I enjoy being with my dogs, taking them for long walks.  I’m also a bit of a fitness fanatic.  I love to run daily.  Another great stress reliever and helps keep the weight down (now I’m middle aged lol).  Is also enjoy cooking, reading, music and hanging out with my children.